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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Gift of Bees

Heifer International Gift Card Today my honey gave me a gift of bees, though they are a bunch of buzzers that I will never actually see, and I love it! Click the pic for details...

Heifer International gives families throughout the developing world animals and know-how for sustaining themselves, their communities, and the environment. It is extremely cool: you can donate a hive of bees, or a trio of bunnies, or a quackful of ducks, and the world is a bit better off. Everyone who receives such a gift is required to pass it on to another family.

Therefore, this is a perfect Valentine's gift! I have received the gift of honeybees and love in my own life, and hopefully that sunshine has already reached somebody else.


At 12:40 PM, KennethF said...

I'm interested in bees & beekeepers. I've started to photograph bees that enjoy my wife's patio garden flowers.
She has a nice potted selection for the good weather season here in Southwestern PA. and I just started to blog. Your excellent site helped me decide to go with Blogger... and it came up weeks ago in a direct search.
I'm editing blogmarks today and just had to thank you both and post you exceptional blog efforts on my new site! Sincerely, KennethF ~(:-_))kfh

At 1:12 PM, BJ said...

OK, I'm not much for V-Day, but this is SUCH a cool idea! I can guarantee that there will be gifts from Heifer going out from me in the future. Kudos to you, Mr. Duck!


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