April 8, 2005

Hive Bodies

both colonies

one colony

Here is the "woodenware" for my two colonies: they are not really "hives," and not actually colonies (yet). The plants in pots are Fava beans. They will grow 5 feet straight up and, I hope, provide some shade for the colonies during the summer. And some beans for the beekeeper. The hive stands are missing here (paint still drying on them in my basement)


framesframe close up

This is what's inside the boxes: they are called "frames," and the bees will use them as the basis for the honeycombs they will build. The frames are also easily (mostly) removable to allow me to check on how things are going, to take action against disease, to harvest honey, and to make sure the bees have access to their honey stores during the cold months.

In case it matters, most beekeepers put their hardware together. I bought mine assembled – though I *did* paint it. I'm in it for the critters, kids, not the splinters.

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