January 13, 2009

Soapmaking Links & Resourcessoap curing

Soapmaking, for me, is an outgrowth of beekeeping, and it has largely been limited to recipes using beeswax and highlighting the contributions of the bees. Therefore, these resources are just a tiny window into the wide world of soapmaking, but hopefully one that fellow beekeepers will find relevant.

First, you will need a book, and I recommend Susan Miller Cavitch's The Soapmaker's Companion. Just like in beekeeping, there are people who agree and disagree on approaches and recipes. I feel this book has helpful tutorials and is a good reference, though it is not beeswax-centered.

The recipe I like to use is called Beekeeper's Soap, and it is derived from an online recipe called "Marina's Beehive Soap" which I can no longer find in order to give proper credit.

For a VERY quick but thorough introduction to soapmaking, I am indebted to Sarah Richards, who provided this document during my first introductory lesson!

If you just want to skip to online links, here are a few:

Overall Resources:

SAP Calculators (or Google "SAP Calculator":


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