May 19, 2005

Touring Colony 1: Drone Comb

Frame 1, Side 1 This is a piece of "drone" comb, the bashed up honeycomb produced and filled with male larvae by the unhappy laying workers (bashing courtesy of the beekeeper). The bees will reuse it, and it is a good idea to provide them with as much comb as possible as we go into the main nectar flow (it's already late this year). But they have to clean it first, and they seem to be busy doing so here. It's hard work for bees, and that may be one of the reasons — along with the internal availability of sugar water in the feeder — that these bees still do not appear as frequently outside the hive as their neighbors. There were no eggs or larvae on this frame, though the paler, less yellow wax is evidence of repair work.

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